Why ZofToken?

We want to break all barriers preventing the mass adoption of 2FA by organizations of all sizes and capabilities and in order to do so, ZofToken offers the following:

Our team

ZofToken's team includes both experienced programmers and security consultants who have worked with clients from multiple industries for over two decades. This provides a clear vision of technical and business requirements for a 2FA solution to become widely accepted.


We use standard and proven cryptographic techniques and protocols to ensure everything is as secure as it should be, with detailed documentation to show it. Our clients get the chance to install and maintain their own 2FA server, avoiding the risk of trusting third parties.

Ease of access

Our 2FA solution is smartphone-based so every user can get in on the action by simply downloading an app. Designed with simplicity as the guiding principle, and featuring an "ATM-like" mode, this app enables even the most non-technical people to use it with ease.

Ease of implementation

While we can’t promise a legacy system will magically support 2FA with no changes, the backend of ZofToken has been designed to integrate as simply as possible. Enrolling users, checking for token status & other functions is handled by our easy to use REST-like API.


Regardless of an organization having anywhere from a handful to millions of users, a proper 2FA solution needs to work instantly and without a ton of dedicated hardware. Using carefully designed and implemented database and networking techniques, we guarantee both of these requirements will be met.


As this is the most common barrier to adoption, we aim to crush it. At literally cents per user per year, we hope we can make the adoption of ZofToken a customer-centric decision and not a financial one.