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Our goal is to remove all barriers that prevent organizations from authenticating all their users in a simple and secure way.

What is ZofToken?

A state-of-the-art, secure, standalone and easy to integrate solution that handles the entire lifecycle of the 2FA tokens.

What can I use ZofToken for?

¿Qué es 2FA?

What is 2FA?

Everyone is used to interacting with single-factor authentication systems daily. These interactions include using a password to access an office computer or even using a key to start your car.

In some cases, it’s even more important to ensure someone’s identity for reasons such as higher risks, possibility of fraud, etc. A common technique to address this is adding a second factor, or Two Factor Authentication (2FA), for better security.

When an ATM asks you to use both a card and type in a passcode, that’s 2FA in action. A would-be thief needs to steal both the physical card and your knowledge of the code to fool the ATM into giving them your money.