ZofToken Server

A state-of-the-art, secure, standalone and easy to integrate solution that handles the entire lifecycle of the 2FA tokens. The server communicates with the ZofToken apps and provides the API that allows any kind of system or service to use the tokens for authentication or any other purpose.

If you are interested in using ZofToken, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one presentation in order to discuss any detailed features, branding or security aspects you care about and explore our pricing models during the launch period.

  • Full control: run on the environment of your choice
  • Create unlimited services
  • Manage all their configuration options
  • Create and manage tokens
  • Integrate token status in your applications and services
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ZofToken as a Service (ZaaS)

Even though we generally discourage outsourcing your security, we offer most of ZofToken’s features in our cloud environment so you can easily explore our solution, test your integrations and, if it fits your business requirements, run your own 2FA platform from our infrastructure.

For small organizations, enthusiasts or the integration tests mentioned above, ZaaS offers a free-forever tier of up to 20 users/tokens.

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Image of ZofToken app installed in a mobile

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Provide stronger authentication for all users, regardless of technical expertise, to protect digital identities and prevent fraud.

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